BROOKLYN ist fully responsive and perfectly fits on any device.

Retina Ready

BROOKLYN automatically creates retina ready images.


The art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible. With our build in Font Manager you give your website the final touch.


Can make website design much easier and with our shortcode manager you can now create them even faster. Choose your desired shortcode and the manager will insert it for you.

Clean Code

BROOKLYN has been built with the latest submission requirements based on the WordPres Codex, everything is working as intended.

Dummy Content

BROOKLYN contains our unique One Click Demo Importer for a quick and easy setup. No need to deal with XML files!

One-Page or Multi-Page

BROOKLYN is mainly a one page theme, but you can easily turn it into a multi page WordPress theme. Updates and support included!.

Post Formats

BROOKLYN supports the following post formats: Standard, Image, Video, Quote, Link, Gallery

Parallax Sections

You can create as many sections as you like, with or without paralaxx, it’s up to you! BROOKLYN does not limit your imagination,see our 8 demos.

Section Backgrounds

BROOKLYN gives you the freedom to style each section individually. Easily change colors, images, content, fonts, margins and much more without the need to touch a single line of code.

Navigation Styling

BROOKLYN provides 4 different navigation styles out of the box. Simply choose your favorite one directly inside the theme options panel. All WordPress native settings of course are supported e.g. drop down menu or custom links.

Section Header

BROOKLYN provides 7 different header styles out of the box. With the help of the built in section settings, you can easily style each section header individually. Everything is right in front your fingertips, change styles or colors within seconds, or even hide the header without the need to touch a single line of code. With these simply options you can give your site an unique touch!

Hero Unit

BROOKLYN provides 10 pre defined Hero Title styles out of the box

Contact Section

BROOKLYN allows you to place a contact form on each page, that makes it quite easy for your customers to get in touch with your company.


Present your work to the crowd, with our portfolio management you can easily create your own showcase so that everyone is able to find and see your work on the web!


BROOKLYN is fully translation ready. We recommend to use WPML, the most popular and professional translation plugin on the market.


BROOKLYN provides an easy team management. Add as many team members as you need and choose between 3 pre defined styles to present them on your site


BROOKLYN Social Media becomes an inherent part of our life, share you social media profiles with lots of retina ready icons like Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Revolution Slider

BROOKLYN includes a $15 value slider that is comong for free when you purchase the theme, add unlimited slides and create stunning animations to get your customers attention when they enter your brand new brooklyn powered website!

Font Awesome Icons

BROOKLYN contains 365 Retina Ready Font Awesome icons. Choose between Web Application, Form Control, Currency, Text Editor , Directional, Video Player, Brand and even Medical icons. We are sure, this set of icons will cover all your needs!


We consider support as important as our theme development. If you need help, get all of your questions answered quickly with exclusive access to our dedicated support forum. We are delivering support from Monday to Friday


BROOKLYN since release we continuously added new features and demos one the whole 6 updates within less than 2 month! And be sure that more will come!

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